About Us

The Rattan Barn is a family run business brought to you by the Sikma Interiors team! With the help of friends and family we were able to renovate our wood beamed barn, into both a kitchen showroom (more information available at Sikma Interiors) and the beautifully vintage Rattan Barn.

Out of this newly rejuvenated, 120 year old barn, we plan to have custom sales that fully satisfy all of our valued customer’s needs. Sandy Sikma has over 30 years of designing experience and know-how to help pick the best stains and fabric to help individualize your Rattan product. We pride ourselves in our in home decorating and customized products, as well as our showroom.

We’ll put it together and set it up in your house to best accentuate your rooms. At the Rattan Barn we’re more than a furniture store and accessory store, we’re an interior nirvana.